Express Yourself~What Happened?

In this day & age, when there is so much intolerance & rage, I keep asking myself~what happened to the very democratic concept of expressing yourself? It seems to have been either forbidden & punished…or happening violently & without any measure of civility & respect. Has everyone given up on our right to calmly disagree, to properly & legally defend one’s belief or lifestyle, to openly live differently without fear or backlash?

What I witness everyday has terrified, annoyed, baffled, & yes, enraged me in its’ intolerant inability to acknowledge every aspect of our diverse world. We all have the right to stand up & fight for what we believe in. That is not license to disrupt & destroy anyone who disagrees or tries to inhibit our progress.

And so, I will attest here, to that most precious of human freedoms, shared by millions around the globe. Our right to speak up & question, comment or disagree with the many upsets we’re encountering currently. My list is lengthy. The backlash against color & sexuality, the horrific misogyny occurring in everyday situations, the blasé attitude toward violence,whether personal assaults or countries being demolished,the economic inequality for anyone not of the old guard, our broken justice system,the abuse of children & animals to weak to defend themselves, aggression against our men in blue,the neglect of our veterans, the shaming of our mentally ill, the destruction of our planet’s resources, the dumbing down of our education, the refusal to view the past with clarity, so we can be freed from repeating the same misconceptions about what remains vitally important… &  something really scary~the fear strangling so many people that gives them the delusional right to attack when they do not hear, see ,or get what they want immediately.

To the ever-growing number of people from all over the world who know things need to evolve:

~Change: you must fight to make it happen. But, fight with class.

-Defend your ideals & position. But, be civilized in your efforts.

-Disagree, offer options, protest. But, allow for dialogue, not damage.

~Find a courageous way to promote change without destruction~

~Respect yourself & your opponent~

~Defend what  you believe in, but acknowledge there are other views~

~Be a part of building your everyday world, don’t just throw a temper tantrum & walk away~

~Use your talents: to inspire, to calm, to inform, to evolve~


~TakeAway Bit~

Contrary to what we dream of~nothing happens overnight. Not a good marriage,waistline,business,law,community or international relations. It takes thought & commitment. As an artist & writer…I know how much effort goes into a great performance. Our life is all we’ve got to work with, & the world we live in is not our dress rehearsal, but the real thing. Treat it that way. Everyone’s everyday actions make a difference, adding to, or destroying the momentum to move us forward.

Best, Concierge Jo-Anna


All Rights Reserved~Concierge Jo-Anna @ Corporate Caretaking®