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Dear Guests,

 I have been lucky enough to have lived, loved, worked & traveled all over the world. The unusual ideas, products & useful information I have picked up over the years have now become a passionate interaction with all sorts of people who have gotten in touch to ask for assistance with their project ideas. I am having so much fun sharing all I’ve picked up, & delighting in all these new exchanges with a world-wide audience!

Communicating information is always the most important element in any project. Whether it’s contract negotiation, playlists for an event, business development strategies, sales tactics, training manuals, lifestyle and motivational guidelines,wellness programs,storyboards, marketing and social media campaigns,or public relations in your community,great communication speeds the process to achieving the results desired.

Having been the “connector” for as many different projects in as many industries as you could possibly imagine,having lived in foreign countries, learned to speak other languages,been an interior designer, an aerobics coach, taught ESL, been an Emcee, an international songstress, an event planner, a travel agent, a wine salesperson, a chef concierge, a director of sales,special projects, business development, property management,social media & marketing, public relations director…well, you get the gist~I have extensive experience which provides the skills, tools and connections every project needs to succeed, and I am fearless!

Creative communications create the connection between a great idea and a spectacular result. 

The mark of a great concierge is the curiosity, creativity, and expertise to find something that satisfies every request. What personal or professional project are you considering for your personal or professional lifestyle?

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Get in touch with your project ideas, & let’s get together to work on it soon. We can provide terrific tips & easy takeaways you can use to better your everyday. I know you’ve got a project on your back burner, so share it with me, & let’s get it up & running!

Best, Concierge Jo-Anna

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~As Per Pesky Liabilities~ 

 I do not claim to be anything other than someone with a great deal of experience that I love to share. Please be responsible in choosing to apply information found here, as per your personal knowledge of who you are, & what works for you. 


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