BreakPax™~Out Of Your System~On With Your Life!

People have loved breaking things since the beginning of time. Calls to mind~The Mexican pinata, the breaking of the wineglass underfoot for the Jews, the Greeks and others~smashing plates!

Whether to dispel anger or celebrate something special~Breaking things feels fabulous!

With BreakPax™~We have taken an ancient remedy & simply crafted it for our time.

Keeping an eye, of course, on having fun, being cost-effective & giving you a positive TakeAway, as we always do with each of our offerings, to keep your productive momentum in play!

We Are Almost Ready For Our Launch Party!

We’ve Got Your Moods Covered~Click On Each For More Details:

ToxPax    ProsperityPax    PassionPax

Everyone Has Someone Or Something

They Need To Vent Or Work On!

 Celebrate Your Liberation With Friends & Take Back Your Power!

Our BreakPax™ Cheer~Out Of Your System & On With Your Life!

 Your Special Power Pebble Has A Meaning~Based On Its’ Color

You Can Find Out More, & Empower All Your Projects By Clicking Below To Discover Everything You Need To Know About Inspirational Color Magic!

Color Magic~Click Here For Inspiration! 

We’ll Also Be Offering PartyPax & CorpPax By Request For For Team-Building, Retreats & Other Special Events


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