People have loved breaking things since the beginning of time. Calls to mind~The Mexican pinata, the breaking of the wineglass underfoot for the Jews, the Greeks and others~smashing plates!

Whether to dispel anger or celebrate something special~Breaking things feels fabulous!

With BreakPax™~We have taken an ancient remedy & simply crafted it for our time.

Keeping an eye, of course, on having fun, being cost-effective & giving you a positive TakeAway, as we always do with each of our offerings, to keep your productive momentum in play!

We’ve Got Your Moods Covered~Click On Each For More Details:

ToxPax    ProsperityPax    PassionPax

Everyone Has Someone Or Something

They Need To Vent About Or Work On!

 Celebrate With Friends & Take Back Your Power!

Our BreakPax™ Cheer~Out Of Your System & On With Your Life!

We’ll Also Be Offering PartyPax & CorpPax By Request For For Groups, Retreats & Such

 Your Special Empowerment Crystal Takes Its’ Energy From Color Magic.

Check Out Our Cool Color Magic Info-Chart For The Beneficial Attributes.

A Universal Wish? Keep A Clear Crystal With You To Promote Your Intensions!

We Suggest Wearing It On A Black Ribbon~To Deflect Negativity

~Complete Empowerment Crystal~

Special Order Only~Ribbon Not Included 

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