A Need To Revisit Elements of Wholeness & Other Interesting Happenings

I have been so overwhelmingly occupied by current events, that I have neglected my source of inspiration & sanity! Writing, music & sparkling exchanges with people whose thoughts & talents I admire.

I hope to be posting a new video/recording bit soon about “The Real Thing”, my tagline for 2017, but in the interim, here are a few things I think are worthy of mention to assist in de-stressing & resourcing through these odd & perilous times:

~Don’t miss NLV-that’s No Longer Virtual, a fantastic workshop in Atlanta on February 23rd & 24th. It’s hosted by Sarah Elkins, a marvelous writer & performer whose path I crossed on LinkedIn. And, featuring some of the most interesting professional people I’ve come across to date, like John White, my favorite columnist at Inc. magazine & brand ambassador at beBee!

~Attached is a piece I call “Elements of Wholeness”. These are all concepts I work with & believe in, but I had never combined them quite this way until I chatted about mind/body connections with the brilliant Dr. Gary Sharpe, of  Out-Thinking Parkinson’s. We exchanged a lot of information on how very much you can accomplish with diet changes & additions of simple activities & pleasure in daily life. This will be published under my byline in Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global shortly. 

Ah, I feel so much better now that I’ve toured a few of the creative, interesting, diverse elements we can come across in the world, & look forward to revisiting often! After all, there is still the evening news to conquer…where is my wine?

Best, Concierge Jo-Anna