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Wouldn’t you know it, thought Jo-Anna, trusting him to take care of the bills was such a mistake! What will I do to cover all these notices to pay? Apart from being unfair, it’s just impossible!
As Jo-Anna wracked her brain to come up with a solution that made sense, she remembered a friend of hers who’d called to tell her about a new job she had gotten. She was bartending in a Japanese piano bar. Donna mentioned they always hire foreign girls when they can, & that it pays well.
What do I have to lose, thought Jo-Anna, if I just check it out? Desperate time & such.
The second night on the job as a hostess, Jo-Anna spent some time chatting with the pianist, Tomoko. Just for fun, Tomoko pushed the microphone in front of Jo-Anna, who immediately froze. Tomoko mentioned that she had heard Jo-Anna singing along, & thought her voice was lovely.
Go figure! I’ve never studied, or sung a note, can’t read music or count tempo, but this is so much fun! It takes me away from all the craziness in my everyday life right now, & it’s profitable. I’ll have everything paid off in a few months.
Jo-Anna realized that in all the panic her ex had created, he had also left her a gift by the door, as she made her way through the mess left in her lap. She could sing! She realized as she embarked on a second career as a performer, that none of it ever would have happened if he hadn’t taken the money & walked out.

~The Moral Of The Story~

Have a good cry, or, as in Jo-Anna’s case, a good fit of temper. Get everything out of your system, then take a moment to capture that energy & focus on finding the gift by the door. It’s always there, even if it takes a little while to find it. It will help you create a new, richer life, with so much more appreciation,& pleasure!


Best, Concierge Jo-Anna

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