A Bit More About Jo-Anna

Dear Guests,

 I have been lucky enough to have lived, loved, worked & traveled all over the world. The unusual ideas, products & useful information I have picked up over the years has now become a passionate interaction with all sorts of people who have gotten in touch to ask for innovation or assistance. I find that I am having so much fun promoting not only my business, but developing this collection of exchanges with an entirely new audience!

As Chef Concierge & Special Project Consultant for The Trump Organization,& as Executive Director of Business Development for major business concerns, innovative & personalized responses have always been an imperative priority. Providing spectacular results by acting as a personal liaison, I have always had a special talent for discovering bits of information that can assist people in  gathering the necessary elements fora successful project development. Having lived in foreign countries, learned to speak other languages, been an interior designer, taught ESL, been a emcee & performer, an event planner, a travel agent, a wine salesperson…well, you get the gist! I am fearless, & love delving into new realms to collect interesting & valuable bits of information. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a personal or professional subject ~ ask me! 

The mark of a great concierge is the curiosity to find something that satisfies every request. What personal or professional project are you considering for your home, office, property or lifestyle? Information & application provide the foundation for better lifestyles. Let’s have some fun & discuss your dream projects! 

Ask Me Anything!

I promise to provide interesting & entertaining bits of information that you can use to improve your lifestyle! Many thanks for stopping by. I hope you check back often! Let me know what you’d like to hear about~the subject & the song!

Best, Concierge Jo-Anna

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~As Per Pesky Liabilities~ 

~I do not claim to be anything other than someone with a great deal of experience that I can readily communicate. It is  your choice to apply information as you deem appropriate~ as per your personal knowledge of & responsibility for who you are.~ 

All Rights Reserved~Concierge Jo-Anna @ Corporate Caretaking®