Portfolio Bits

My portfolio is a melange of my creative work for clients & for publication. It includes tag lines, direct mail postcards, ad flyers, landing pages, sales letters, press releases,resumes,

stage sets designed for clients, photography, purchased seminar presentations & published articles. I add to it regularly, but if there is something particular you’re looking for, please ask.

You can find VSLs under “Bits Of Cool Stuff”, where I advertise for clients whose products & services I believe in. You can find onstage performances under “Entertainment Bits”

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I am delighted to be a contributing author

on these cool sites!

~Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global~ 




Gallery I~Marketing, Media & PR 

Gallery II~Lifestyle, Entrepreneur, Editorials, & Fables

Gallery III~Photographs:Inspirational, Commercial, & Travel

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