The Unimaginable…

Has everyone in Washington surrendered their passports? Renounced their US citizenship? Taken mind-altering hallucinogenics?

At what point do you stand up & say-this is America, & we have been attacked, submitted to 6 months of a bought & paid for presidency, lost our credibility & power on the world stage, & wake up every day to more lies, bribery, blackmail, stealing, greed, & the promotion of the concept, apparent everywhere, that being an American is to be a blustering bully whose facade only covers an insecure need for attention & the necessity to obtain funds to keep a stolen empire afloat at no matter what the cost?

When did we become a dictatorial monarchy? About the same time I stopped being a Republican, realizing that the party was full of phony, rich, old robber barons with no concept of what everyday Americans are dealing with.

Why hasn’t congress moved immediately to create a special statute to declare this presidency as illegitimate? Or move to impeach? Or put the 25th Amendment into play?

Why is everyone just going about their day as if this unprecedented, horrific demise of our American democracy isn’t the most important issue there is at the moment?

Instead of isolating all the isms that this administration has demonstrated, & I will write about them eventually, as I have before, I want to try & remain hopeful, & so end with the marvelous commercial that has aired, which should remind the old guard that they are obsolete & ineffective & are the foundation of America’s miasma, not her strength.

Fight back America.

This is never, contrary to their delusional superiority-who we were or should ever be.

#resist #notmypresident 

#norobberbarons #boughtpresident 


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